Pay attention to the new standard of European adjacent benzene two formic acid salt

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The latest EU promulgated on the adjacent benzene two formate new guidance standard (2005/84/EC), will start on January 16, 2007. The standard will replace the EU Member States to implement the different of the adjacent benzene two formate enforce standards, and to replace the EU before implementation of the provisional measures.

According to the new standard, DEHP (phthalic acid ester two two), DBP (dibutyl phthalate) and BBP (phthalic acid phenyl ester two) use will be restricted to use in all children's toys and clothing and other items in the PVC material. The corresponding DINP (adjacent benzene two formic acid and two isodecyl phthalate) and DNOP (phthalic acid two - two) is limited to children's toys and clothing and all may be placed in the mouth of the items in the use. Content of the above 6 components shall not be more than toys, clothing and care 0.1%. of the products involved not only includes the following 36 months of the baby, but also including the use of other age groups of children may be put all goods imports. At present, the Commission is to form a guiding document, before the start of the implementation of the new standard in 2007 January to each member, method of toys and other may be placed in the mouth of children's articles were identified.

The new guidelines explicitly include all for any new product of children's body, such as sleep, entertainment, health, diet, wearing used items, and these items containing composition assessment criteria will last for 4 years, until January 16, 2010, will carry on the analysis and revision of scientific data accumulated.

The new standard will enable our children's products export is facing new challenges. The inspection and quarantine departments to remind our country related to the production and export enterprises, concerned about the impact of this standard on China's exports of children's products, take active measures, avoid in the export to the EU the children articles containing the banned substances.
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