The glutamate thalli protein drying equipment

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From the dried product quality, high speed stirring drier best, followed by the dryer and spin flash dryer bundle.

From the drying product cost perspective, tube bundle dryer cost is the lowest, followed by high speed stirring dryer and spin flash dryer.

Tube bundle dryer using the heat source for the steam dryer, other mechanical grate coal stove or hot-air furnace.

Tube bundle dryer system composition is simple, but the structure is complex, repair points, high-speed stirring dryer and spin flash dryer has the advantages of simple structure, easy repair and maintenance,.

Although the characteristics of tube bundle dryer is a high efficiency, but because the glutamate thalli protein is of high viscosity material, and the tube bundle dryer is difficult to handle high viscosity material, only the mixing process, a lot of mixed with dry in wet material, in order to reduce the material viscosity, thus resulting in the glutamate thalli protein dry, use efficiency tube type dry but relatively low, water capacity from the general material 4-5kg water /M2.h reduced to 3-3.5kg water /M2.h.

Therefore, now general manufacturers in the selection of glutamate thalli protein drying equipment, has rarely used the tube bundle dryer. Tube bundle dryer is mainly applicable to the germ, fiber, lees drying.

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