The advantages of microwave vacuum drying equipment
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Date: 2014-05-23
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The advantages of microwave vacuum drying equipment

The advantages of microwave vacuum drying equipment 

1, high efficiency 
Vacuum drying equipment routine use of steam for heating, the need for heating from the inside to the outside, slow heating speed requires a lot of coal, and microwave vacuum drying equipment is used in electromagnetic wave heating, no heat transfer media, direct heating to the object, heating speed, microwave 1 kilowatts of energy to heat water room temperature to 100 ℃ in 3-5 minutes, to avoid the above-mentioned shortcomings, so fast speed, high efficiency, the drying period is greatly shortened, reducing energy consumption. Compared with conventional drying efficiency can be increased by more than four times. 
2, uniform heating 
Because the microwave heating, is from the inside to the outside of the materials are heated at the same time, the temperature difference between inside and outside the material is very small, can not generate internal and external heating occurs in conventional heating in the incongruent condition, resulting in the effect of expansion, to smash, the drying quality is greatly improved. 
3, easy control, convenient and continuous production and automation, the microwave power can be adjusted rapidly and no inertia, easy real-time control, can adjust the temperature between 40 ℃ -100 ℃. 
4, the preparation has the advantages of small size, convenient installation and repair 
5, good product quality, compared with the conventional method, has greatly improved the quality of the products. 
6, microwave disinfection, sterilization efficacy, safety and health products. Long shelf life. 
7, significant economic benefits. 

From the characteristics of above introduction, energy consumption, improve product quality, safety and health, the equipment investment and low cost etc. it can be seen that the economic benefit and social benefit significantly

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