Producing line for the dry convenient block of noodle by oil
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Date: 2014-05-23
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Author: Dahua
1.Main characteristic of Producing line High quality 銆乭igh efficiency 銆乶ovelty and beautiful 1). The noodle is high quality in it. The time of mixing flour and water is 20 min;
1.Main characteristic of Producing line 
High quality 、high efficiency 、novelty and beautiful 
1). The quality of blocks of noodle is good and their externality is orderly. Their color and undee are well proportioned, and the guidelines of product assay are higher than national standards. 
2). Its cost of use is lower than generic producing line, and each package noodle can economize 1~2 fen. 
3). The capability of producing line is steady. It is confidence for operation 、easy for maintenance、novelty and beautiful and can use a long time. 

High technique 、high automatization 1564037055973085469.gif
1). PLC programming control can auto-control with Transducer, and it adjust in confidence. Precision in-phase is ±1%. When the distance (152.4mm) in boxes is up to 10%, in-phase tracker is adjust it up to snuff. 
2). Calculagraph that can adjust time can self-motion control working procedure for mixing flour by programs in order to assure the quality. 
3). The precision of the intelligent auto-control temperature system is ±1℃ in order to assure the quality. 
1564037024184020151.gif4).The main Industrial parameter by figure in making process can assure produce by the parameter client input. 
Advanced techniques 
1). The machine for mixing the flour has double axes, blender with unique angle. It can discharge things through big door, and its mixing box can’t leak and pile the flour. Water added in flour is up to 30%. The block of flour is rolling in radial and axes. Water can auto-add when the flour is mixed in high speed, and them can mixed equably. 
2).The curve about constringing ratio of slips is degression smoothly, and noodle is very flexile. 
3).The still is scientific by designed and the temperature is appropriate in it. The noodle is high quality in it. 
4).The machines for cutting and arranging are made by stainless steel. The regulator that can adjust itself place can adjust the blocks of noodle orderly, and it has equipment for spice insufflating and blowing water. Techniques is Advanced. 
5).The temperature of drying by oil can increasing smoothly, and difference in temperature can adjust to 50℃. It can heat up product by the twist heat exchanger, and the content of oil, acid and peroxid is lower than national standards. 

High quality equipment 
1). High precision transducer, control element, transducer use high quality national products. They are reliable. 
2). The roller is made by stainless steel. Its case rigidity is high (≥HRc48) and it is anti-abrasion and can use long time. 
3). The material of net for evaporation is SUS304. The net is level off and as clean as a whistle. 

Making critically 
1). The axes are made by high precision numerical control machine tool. It is good in crossing-over and can use long time. 
2). The roller ’s linearity of case column is ≤0.03mm, and the degree of coarseness is Ra1.6um. 
3). The gear wheels and the chain wheels are made by heat treatment. It is anti-abrasion and has lower yawp. 
4). The decelerate equipment in machine for mixing the flour and machine for pressing the flour to slips are designed and made professional. It can ’t leak oil. It is anti-abrasion and can use long time. 

Attaching importance to making food healthful and environment 1564037056160091339.gif
1). The content of water in block of flour lose little in machine for cooking and setting the flour. The block of flour is good and can’t drop. 
2). Heat preservation is good in machine for steam cooking and the machine for drying. The cool water and spice is flowing good. The workshops should keep clean. 
3). The wind passes in and out centralized in machine for cooling by wind. Then reduces dust into the blocks of noodle with cold wind and temperature in workshop. 
4). Healthful things such as stainless steel or plastic, rubber make the materials of parts in contact with blocks of noodle. 

The analogy of capability or price 
1). The compare of Dahua noodle producing line and the same kind advanced line is: the price of Dahua noodle producing line is lower than other lines when they are in same quality and the quality of it is better than other lines when they are in same price. 
2). It is good about service after sold of Dahua noodle producing line. When you use it, you will set yours hearts at rest. 

2. Industrial flow of the dry convenient block of noodle 


3. Industrial parameter of the dry convenient block of noodle 
1). The time of mixing flour and water is 20 min; 
2). The time of cooking flour is 20 min; 
3). The time of steam cooking flour is 120 ~150sec; 
4). The time of drying in oil is 80~110 sec, and temperature of oil is 120~175℃; 
5). The time of cooling is 2~3 min, and the temperature is under 38℃. additives.
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